Which is better MBA or PGDM?

Which is better MBA or PGDM?

If a student wants to have better career opportunities in life then the student needs to pursue a higher degree. There is so much confusion among the students about which degree they should go for. The most appropriate decision for a master’s degree if you are interested in business is either an MBA or PGDM. Many people think that both these courses are the same but it is not like that. No doubt the career opportunities after pursuing both these courses increase tremendously. But there are some differences in these courses. It is highly recommended to pursue either of these courses from top B-schools for MBA.

There are many points of difference between these two courses. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Diploma/ Degree: The most important difference in both these courses is PGDM is a diploma course whereas MBA is a degree. Many people think that the market value of PGDM does not match the MBA degree level. This is not true at all. Another point of difference is the MBA course is offered by universities and colleges under some university affiliation but on the other hand, the PGDM course is offered by autonomous institutes under the guidance of AICTE.
  • Accreditation check: The PGDM course is offered by autonomous bodies, so the aspirant must check that the institute he is going to pursue course has all the necessary accreditations. This thing should be given extra care while choosing the institute for PGDM but there nothing in the case of an MBA, as this program is offered by universities itself. So there are very fewer chances of fraudulence.
  • Syllabus and curriculum: The syllabus and curriculum of the MBA course are formulated by the universities themselves. So the curriculum can be quite rigid and the majority of the syllabus will be the same in two colleges under the affiliation of one university. But on the other hand, the PGDM course is designed by an individual university. So the syllabus is modified according to the latest changes in the corporate world. 
  • The focus of the course: Both these subjects have their core subject in common. It has been concluded by the experts that the MBA course is based upon more theoretical and technical aspects. Rather than on another side, the PGDM course is based upon practical knowledge. The course is designed in such a way that students learn the industrial perspectives in real.
  • Expenses: It is a general observation that the tuition fees of the MBA course are less than that of the PGDM course. The main reason behind this is that to offer MBA courses in the college the universities provide some sort of funding to the college but in the case of PGDM offering institutes is not there. They have to bear all the cost of the entire course from the candidate’s fees.

These are the main points of difference between the two courses. But the ultimate goal of both of them is to provide their graduates with enormous career opportunities. You can pursue these courses from any of the top business schools MBA.  

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