You may have been told that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and while that is very true, if your budget is a little less this year then don’t worry, girls are extremely fond of flowers as well. In fact, some girls would choose a gorgeous flower bouquet given with love over a diamond necklace which is given just for the sake of giving something.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to decide which flower you want to surprise your loved one with on the day of love. While it might sound extremely easy, let’s be very clear about the fact that it’s easier said than done. Because choosing a flower will require some serious thoughts regarding the meaning behind the available flower options, your partner’s favorite flower, etc. You can’t just give him or her any flower, it has to be meaningful enough to show that you have not just spent money but also some thoughts and time on it, that is what will make the gift special.


  1. Roses

Approximately, 10 million roses are sold each year on Valentine’s Day and this number clearly shows how famous this flower is when it comes to this particular holiday.

Red roses are believed to be the most favorite flower of the Roman goddess of love and beauty- Venus, and thus they became the symbol of romantic love. Red roses became a popular Valentine’s Day flower in the 17th century and they continue to be the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers even today. If you want Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other Indian city, go to the Bloomsvilla website, select from the beautiful red rose bouquets and order online right away!

If you want to go for some other color of roses this Valentine’s day, that’s a great idea too as they all have different meanings. For example, a bunch of pink roses for your girlfriend, wife, mother or even a friend or a sister would be a great choice as it shows love, appreciation, and admiration. To make it even more special with roses, you can also go for the gorgeous black rose- there’s really no comparison with this beauty!

  1. Orchids

Orchids are unique, beautiful and classy. They come in various colors and there’s not one color that doesn’t look good, to be honest. You can They represent love, admiration, and beauty and are perfect as a gift, not only for your significant other but also for friends and family.

If you are looking for some gorgeous orchid bouquets online, don’t forget to check out the collection on Bloomsvilla- they have the best ones! Online Flower Delivery in Mumbai and all other Indian cities, is now possible at a very reasonable rate, irrespective of where you’re placing your order from. Fresh beautiful flowers are delivered at any time you want on any given day!

  1. Tulips

Tulips mean “perfect lover” and therefore we can definitely say that they are a pretty good alternative to roses as Valentine’s Day flower, right? They are beautiful and come in various colors too, plus they look extremely romantic. Tulips are available in the popular Valentine’s Day color- Red, therefore making it even a better choice for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day bouquet need not be made up of roses, try a Tulip one this year instead!

  1. Daisies

Daisies represent a lot of things like purity, love, innocence, happiness, etc. and they for sure make a very good option as a Valentine’s Day flower. Whether you are a new couple of an old one, if the love between you two is pure and you are loyal to your partner, you can definitely give him or her a bunch of beautiful Daisies this Valentine’s Day.

Even if you both are in a long-distance relationship, send valentine flowers for your lover this Valentine’s Day by ordering online on Bloomsvilla to make his or her day special!

Celebrate the person you love and the bond you share with him or her every single day, don’t just wait for Valentine’s Day to come around. Send flowers even on random days to brighten up their days and to make them smile. After all, love is a beautiful feeling and not everybody is lucky enough to be with the person they are in love with, in fact, some aren’t lucky enough to even find that person in their life. So, if you are among the very rare lucky ones, don’t ever forget that and don’t ever let your partner go. Love them a little more, hug them a little tighter and tell them “I love you” et every single chance you get!

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