Teacher’s obsession with testing is destroying our education system

Teacher's obsession with testing is destroying our education system

Have you ever thought about what the meaning of life is? What is the reason that we came into this world and what is our motive of leading this life? Hardly anyone does because the modus operandi of leading a harmonious life has been lost in the competitiveness and complexity of this world?

Our generation is dealing with this same conundrum in their academics due to the highly proactive approach of testing which has put every student on the hot seat to continuously prepare themselves for regular tests and exams.

This competitiveness has resulted in an intensified mental pressure which has somewhat inhibited the boundaries of learning and creativity since students are more inclined towards achieving grades rather than actually gaining knowledge.

In this article, we have highlighted how teacher’s obsession with testing has destroyed our education system.

Are Creativity, Imagination, And Originality Suffering?

Many parents and adults complain that the students these days are not as creative and imaginative as they used to be. Many people believe that teacher’s obsession with testing is damaging the imagination, creativity and originality of the students. Today, teachers do not help students in developing their creative thinking skills, instead, they are focusing on how good a child can memorize the given content.

Do We Need To Follow The Education System Of Scandinavian Countries?

Educational institutes and teachers should look at and follow a successful education system. Scandinavian countries, especially Finland, is a perfect example of the best education system. These countries produce brighter and talented students as compared to countries like the United Kingdom or the United States.

The most noticeable factor in the education system of Scandinavian Countries is that they do not prefer any form of testing until their students reach the age of 16. This means that students can develop without worrying about passing the tests. The major flaw of this testing system is that teachers assume that a child should be at a specific class by a certain age.

Standardized Tests in Scaring Students and Ruining Their Education

Schools these days follow a system where students and teachers are assessed by the student’s marks in a particular course. Teachers usually do not care about how a student performs and if they have understood the content that has been taught. Those students who give their full effort and end up receiving a lower grade usually have lower motivation for future exams.

The flaw of standardized testing

The major flaw of standardized testing is that they do not take advantage of what a teacher knows about their students. Every student is different from another and may possess talents and skills which the other may not have. It will not be incorrect to say that a teacher can not judge a student’s potential by standardized testing.

It’s high time that schools should end the standardized testing system and should focus on enhancing student’s skills. Schools do not need to test students to find out what they have learned.

The Exam Should Not Be the Prime Focus of Education

Since a long time examination has become the prime focus of teachers. It is seen as the be-all-and-end-all of education. Though exam results should be nothing more than a by-product of education. It should not be the major focus of an education.

Teachers should ask themselves what is the real purpose of education? Schools should question their education system and parents should focus on whether their child is gaining knowledge or not. Students in the united states or the United Kingdom do not possess the skills to perform tasks on their own. According to research around 66 percent of students in the United Kingdom struggles to write an essay and they usually take essay help UK, from different sites.

Schools are producing children who possess good grades but zero knowledge. If we take the example of schools in Finland we will find how developed their education system is from ours. They are not filling students head with the knowledge that requires to pass the exam instead, they are developing their student’s thinking, analytical, creative skills.

Schools in Finland do not focus on exams instead they focus on the students learning. Students in Finland only give exam when they are of age 16 before reaching this age they only spend time in gaining knowledge. They are not burdened with homework and exam. The education system in Finland understands that the prime focus of education is not an exam but the development of a student.

Let’s wrap it up                             

No one really ponders upon the reason for our existing or considers way to lead a harmonious life. We have lost the meaning of a peaceful life in the complexity and competitiveness of this world.

Today, our youth is struggling with the same problem in their academics due to the increasing competition. Every student is trying hard to prove themselves and to achieve a better position in their class. But, running in this race is leading to several physical and mental issues since students are more inclined towards achieving good grades rather than gaining knowledge. It’s high time that teachers should stop focusing on testing a child’s learning ability because this is destroying our education system as well as a child’s mental health.

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Oliver Stone has done Masters in Arts and sciences from the Imperial College London and has been working as a creative writer for around 4.5 years. Oliver is a creative writer at Essay Help UK besides this he also likes to write blogs and create vlogs. He is best known for his research and excellent communication skills. Oliver loves to swim, write stories and play soccer whenever he has free time.

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