Magnum Jackpot Gold lottery for winning huge prizes

Magnum Jackpot Gold lottery for winning huge prizes

Nowadays, the internet provides a lot of opportunities for earning a lot through various types of games. In fact, they allow players to get high jackpots while playing a game. The online lottery makes feasible ways to bet amounts with responsible gambling. Another thing is that they offer various types of games for players to choose them with options. However, the jackpot amounts may vary from lottery website to another lottery website. A player should follow the terms and conditions while playing online lottery games to avoid legal issues.

Everything about Magnum Jackpot Gold lottery

Magnum Jackpot Gold lottery is a popular one in Malaysia created by Magnum Corporation which allows players to earn maximum payouts. In fact, it is a new game which differs from other games. This multi-million jackpot game enables players to win more prizes including consolation prizes. The Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold lottery is a six-digit game and players should know the rules properly before playing it. Anyone who is above 21 years is eligible to play a game and they can even buy lottery tickets at authorized retail stores. The lottery organizes drawings thrice (3 times) in a week to announce the results.

Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold lottery playing rules

A player should pick a 6-digit number which ranges from 000000 to 999999 followed by a two digit number from 00-19. He/she should make 2 ringgit (Malaysian currency) for every single entry. The game also allows players to play a game with Trifecta component which usually consists of two sets of three-digit numbers. It even makes feasible ways to choose a roll option with 10 different combinations. Moreover, players can play a game with all possible permutations and combinations allowing them to increase their winning chances.

Knowing more about the prizes

Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold lottery offers prizes to players under 7 different categories. On the other hand, it is a pari-mutuel game which means that the prize amounts will be distributed equally among all of the individuals when there are more than one jackpot winner. The first prize offered by the lottery is at least 2 million dollars and the second prize is at least 100,000 dollars. In addition, Magnum Jackpot Gold offers some other prizes to players and they can know the latest updates online that can help to gain more ideas.

Where to get the results?

Players who want to check out the Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold results should visit the official website of Magnum Corporation. It will update the results regularly and one can go to the top of the page to know them by selecting a date in the drop-down menu. This, in turn, gives ways to gather more information about results including trifecta and the golden numbers. In addition, there are some websites which publish the results. Some even provide the details of games for players allowing them to select the right one. A player can even claim amounts within 6 months after winning a jackpot prize from a website.

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