Google nest mini review

Google nest mini review

Want to get started with your Google smart home ecosystem but don’t know where to start? The most recent smart speaker released by Google is an excellent starting point for what is expected to be an abundance of practical home automations. It is a very affordable smart speaker, coming in at only $49, and it has a tonne of features, ranging from playing music and shopping to providing answers to inquiries.

In this analysis, we will discuss the device’s design, features, installation procedure, and, of course, Google’s customer support staff. We will also discuss the device’s positive and negative aspects. You will have a good notion by the time this review is up as to whether or not the Google Nest Mini is the perfect smart speaker for you. Let’s get started!

What people Like 

Affordable: You can start putting together your smart home for less than fifty dollars.

Access to various music streaming services such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Express, etc. If you’re interested music, you should definitely take a look at the collaborations that Google has established.

Exceptional fidelity of the sound: The Google Nest Mini has three microphones that are designed to capture sound in its surrounding area, giving it excellent audio quality.

What people Don’t Like

Due to the lack of a screen, the Google Nest Mini cannot be used for activities such as watching movies or television or participating in video chats.

No Amazon Prime: Even though Google offers purchasing through Google Express, there is still a possibility that some consumers will choose to complete their online buying on Amazon instead.

Fewer features than the smart speakers sold by Amazon: Alexa is currently the undisputed leader in the field of voice assistants, and the Google Assistant only has a small fraction of the actions and talents that Alexa possesses.

Putting in place the Google Nest Mini

The Google Home app makes the process of putting together a Google Nest Mini very easy to understand and carry out. But first, you need to ensure the speaker is plugged in and give it around a minute to start up. The next step is to open the application and add the gadget by clicking the + sign in the screen’s upper left corner. After that, you will select a location for the device, synchronise it with the app, and do a sound test to ensure that everything is properly linked. After that is finished, you are prompted to give the Google Nest Mini a name and link it to your wireless network.

If you haven’t previously, you will now begin the process of setting up Google Assistant, which is one that people personally find to be quite enjoyable. You will say “Okay Google” in a number of different ways using voice match technology so that the speaker will not reply to everyone who says Google. Find out the best deal on google nest mini before you purchase.

Functions of the Google Nest Mini

Simply saying “Ok Google” will get you started utilising the Google Assistant that’s built inside your Google Nest Mini. You will have access to more than 4,000 different tasks, which may include anything from shopping to cooking to listening to music.


When it comes to going shopping, you can use the Google Nest Mini to keep track of your shopping lists, make purchases through Google Express, discover local businesses, and even have free samples of new products sent right to your doorstep. 


When your hands are covered in flour or when you are sautéing food on three different burners at the same time, it might be difficult to change the pages of a recipe book. This is something that is common knowledge among amateur chefs. You can have the Google Nest Mini read the recipe directions to me in a step-by-step format while they are being performed.

Support for Customers of Google Nest

As is the case with all Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the Google Nest Mini won’t always function properly. Thus, you need a solid customer support team behind you. If you face troubles with your google Nest Mini, you may have to spend some time on the phone with a nice representative who can help you out wth the problems you are facing.

In addition to a phone line, Google Nest customers can reach customer service representatives via live chat, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. Checking out their online assistance centre is an easy option to take if you aren’t in the mood to engage in conversation with another person right now. There’s no shame in admitting that you need some time to yourself, just you and your Google Nest Mini. Overall, the customer assistance that people received for my Google Nest Mini is quite impressive, and they are very pleased with my purchase.

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