Fun Activities to do in Balestier, Singapore: Make You Feel Like Traveling Around the World

Balestier, Singapore, has its own uniqueness for tourists. You can feel like traveling the world, because there are so many

Balestier, Singapore, has its own uniqueness for tourists. You can feel like traveling the world, because there are so many buildings in Balestier that carry concepts such as popular buildings in several countries.

Not only tourist attractions, hotels in Balestier also have a unique style, such as Fragrance Hotel or Value Hotel Balestier. Several hotel buildings in Balestier present a different architecture from other hotels in Singapore. Even so, they still provide facilities and comforts that can make you feel pampered.

Visit Balestier, Singapore, to get a different experience when vacationing in this country. Here’s the fun activities that you can do in Balestier. Check it out!

1.   Taking Picture in Kwan Yow Luen and Sim Kwong Ho Shophouse

Balestier, Singapore, is famous for their unique shophouse architecture that is rarely found anywhere else. However, Kwan Yow Luen and Sim Kwong Ho Shophouse are the most visited by tourists because their architecture stands out more than others.

These two shophouses have Straits Baroque style with local symbols and motifs reliefs of flowers and animals. This shophouse was included in the popular Malay film in 1955, the title is Penarek Becha.

Kwan Yow Luen and Sim Kwong Ho Shophouse is similar to George Town in Penang, Malaysia, a building that is included in the ranks of UNESCO Heritage status.

2.   Admire the Uniqueness of the Balestier Point Building

The shape of the Balestier Point building is like a puzzle. This asymmetrical building was inspired by the Habitat ’67 building, a building with unique architecture that is famous in Canada. When you see the shape of Balestier Point, you may wonder, how can workers build Balestier Point like messy tetris.

3.   Visiting Historical Buildings Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

The history of Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall Singapore is in 1902, this villa was built by Boey Chuan Poh who was later bought by a businessman who bought this villa for a nursing home and finally named Wan Qing Yuan. Then, in 1911 the villa changed ownership and was bought by Dr Sun Yat Sen, leader of the Tong Meng Hui.

You can visit a villa that has an architecture similar to a popular building in Guangzhou, China, for free without the need to buy a ticket.

4.   Religious Tour at Maha Sasana Ramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple

You must be familiar with Pagodas in Myanmar. You can see the building in Balestier, Singapore by visiting Maha Sasana Ramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple.

Maha Sasana Ramsi Burmese Buddhist Temple has the largest Buddha statue made of pure white marble. In addition, there are also two statues of Chin Thays, a mystical Buddhist creature with a shape resembling a lion. This place is still a place of prayer for Buddhists living in Singapore.

5.   Buy a Chocolate at Hannifa

You don’t have to go far to Spain if you want to see the Casa Batlo in the Barcelona building. In Belistier there is the Haniffa Building which has a similar building style. Actually, the Hannifa Building is a ten-floor building with Middle Eastern style architecture.

Beside the unique shape of the building, you can get cheap chocolate in this place. There are lots of chocolates imported from all over the world with various brands at Hannifa.

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