Buying Sunglasses For Women: How To Choose The Best One?

Buying Sunglasses For Women: How To Choose The Best One?

Sunglasses now act as an important accessory to elevate the outfit and looks. Although sunglasses are primarily used as a great fashion statement, these also protect one from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and prevent dust particles to enter the eyes. With so many shades of IDEE sunglasses available one can appear effortless. But the question here is how to choose the best one from so many sunglasses available which not only suits the shape, tone of your face, style, appearance but also provides enough protection from harmful rays and lights. The below-given guide will help you to know the factors to consider choosing the right pair of sunglasses.

  1. Consider the shape of your face: One of the major aspects to consider when buying sunglasses is the shape of the face. Whichever sunglasses you plan to buy should balance your face shape and thus, highlight the features of the face. It is important to determine the shape of your face before purchasing the sunglasses. Here is the quick guide that will help you to get sunglasses for different face shapes:
  • For a round-shaped face: A woman with a round-shaped face should look for sunglasses that can give a lengthening effect to her face. Sunglasses with dark frames are appropriate for a woman having a round face. When it comes to the frame see if they are wider than your face and are slightly oversized.
  • For square-shaped faces: round sunglasses are ideal for women with a square-shaped face. Going with round or even oval frames will allow the women to achieve perfect balance with the features of their faces. 
  • For oval-shaped face: A woman with an oval-shaped face should look for sunglasses that can emphasize the harmonious proportions of the face. Make sure to avoid choosing sunglasses that appear too big and wide. The frame of the sunglasses should be as wide as your face and the upper frame should not go beyond your eyebrows. 
  • For heart-shaped face: A woman having a heart-shaped face should lookout for a pair of sunglasses that can balance out the apparent width of the top of her face. For such women, angled and bold colored frames will be an excellent choice. 
  1. Providing UV protection: This is the most important factor but is often overlooked when it comes to buying sunglasses online. Many women usually consider the color and design of the sunglasses but forget to consider if the specific pair of sunglasses offer protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The capability of the sunglasses to block UV rays does not depend on the darkness, design, or color of the sunglasses. Whenever buying sunglasses, check the label or sticker specifying the percentage of UV rays blocked by them. 
  2. Check the quality of the lenses: It is essential to check the quality of the lenses to buy the appropriate sunglasses. To check if there are any imperfections, hold the sunglass at the arm’s length, and in a straight line, look through the lenses from the distance. Then move the glass slowly across the line and if the straight edge curves, sways, distort, or moves, then it implies that the lens is imperfect. 
  3. Consider the skin tone: The skin tone of women plays a vital role when it comes to finding the best shades. Here is the quick guide that will help you to get sunglasses for different skin tones:
  • For light skin tone: If a woman is having light-colored skin with a warm undertone then it is best to consider the pair of sunglasses having darker shades such as black, green, brown, or gold to strike the balance. Whereas if the woman is having light-colored skin with cool undertones, then she should buy sunglasses online having the shades of dark blues or rich pinks.
  • For medium skin tone: Women with medium skin tone can go with the sunglasses having darker or light shades. If you are having a warm skin tone then you should go for a vibrant red or orange. Women with cool skin tones can pair with blues and lighter greens.
  • For dark skin tone: Women with dark-colored skin with a warm undertone should choose the pair of sunglasses with lighter shades such as bright gold, light brown, or neutral ones. In case you are having dark-colored skin with a cool undertone, then it’s best to match with blue or pink shades. 
  1. Choose the one blocking enough light: Other than protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays, it is necessary for the particular pair of sunglasses to block enough light. Sunglasses you are buying should act as a light-blocking agent to protect your eyes. The sunglasses need to screen out at least 70 to 90 percent of visible light. To determine whether the particular pair of sunglasses are dark enough to screen out the visible light, just wear the sunglasses and stand in the front of a mirror. If you can visibly see your eyes through the shades then those sunglasses are not dark enough and thus, should be avoided. 
  2. Choose appropriate color and tint for the sunglasses: You can find cool sunglasses of different shades. Although it is not the lens color that blocks UV rays or light, it has affected the visual contrast and appearance of the person. There are different lens colors such as gray, yellow, orange, green, gold, brown, purple, red, blue, black, and any more that provide an appealing look to the women having different features. 

Wrapping up it all!

Wearing sunglasses is one of the best ways to enhance the entire look of a person. Different types of sunglasses with different shapes, shades, and sunglasses brands have a great impact on the overall look, feel, and image of an individual. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can transform your basic outfit into the fashionable one. Therefore, to get the ideal pair it is vital to consider the above-mentioned points.

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