5 Must-Have Wardrobe Staples For Men This Summer


There is always the formation of a strange cloud that starts in the minds of several men when the greenery hits across trees and men start to hit the greens. It is quite certainly true that summer means heading out to the beach once the winter sweaters are no longer in use.

So, how is a man supposed to dress in between the ski parkas and the speedos? Wandering around in white socks as well as sandals or the college t-shirts with exclusive t-shirt graphic design on, this is a quite long stretch of time.

The following are 5 such items that every man should have in their possession as these when blended together in innumerous number of combinations, would be able to last an entire season if you are clinging on to it, these are the items that do not fail to operate each year and will protect you from embarrassing yourself as well as your family.

Before 70, it seriously does not mean that you are giving up on your life as you might retire to the golf course any day.

The Polo Shirt

The Polo is never out of style. This is a summer staple that dates back to less than 100 years, specifically design by Renee Lacoste merely as a tennis shirt in 1926 become the necessary part of every man’s wardrobe.

These are available mostly in cotton but also in cashmere, linen as well as silk as this is by far the simplest way in which you can bring about a transformation to your wardrobe. These shirts fit every bank account and are quite easy to wear like your favorite t-shirt.

It really does not matter when it comes to the solid, plaid, striped, or any color. You can also have the prints done on them for added customization through t-shirt screen printing services. As a part of their lineup, there is every brand ranging from that of the Old Navy to that of Gucci.

The Khaki Pant

The khaki pant has been around a lot more lengthiest time being at least 150 years old. These were initially designed for military attire being distributed to the civilians in the 1950s and has been hanging around ever since.

You will have the khaki pants pleated with a cuff at the bottom as the general rule for the purchase of the khakis if you are wearing the larger sizes. Those who are buying for the waist of 36” and smaller usually sticks up to the stick to the flat-front options as they love them the best.

These khaki pants are appropriate choices for many this summer as they are available in various shades ranging from green to that of white.

The Boat Shoe

The boat shoes had been invented by Sperry way back in 1935 and they are something much more than simply boating. They are usually formed with leather as well as canvas usually worn without socks as the boat shoes are something that is casual for men and is neither too lazy nor stuffy.

This is usually a look that would have died while Seinfeld was canceled as many times men wear athletic sneakers with every pant that they own.

You need to save the sneakers for heading out to a gym and slip on to a pair of boat shoes with jeans; khakis, as well as shorts and you, would have transformed yourself instantly from what he is wearing to the guy who is looking pretty good.

The Aviator Sunglasses

There are certain items in the closet of a man that is simply a lot more masculine inviting in a lot more compliments than merely a pair of aviator sunglasses. The market of these glasses was usually cornered by Ray-Ban and this took to storm at that time.

They usually came in lens shades that were usually grey or green and have also come up in the shades of blue and purple. They also offer UV sun ray protection.

The White T-Shirt

White usually signifies being a gentleman and not the color white. These are generally white with the crisp, clean as well as the white tee is something that is quite great and is a timeless piece of clothing that any man would love to own.

They can be simply anything such as that of the crew-neck or V-neck, cotton t-shirts and others would match up simply in the best way ever.

You can now have them customized too with the help of the cheap screen printing t-shirts services and they are quite sleek and slim keeping is cooler with the help of the latest fabric technology. It is quite crucial to have them replaced as soon as they loosen up their spic and the span look since they cost a couple of dollars.

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